The Company

A Brief info About UMA

About UMA Consultancy

UMA was found in 2006 in İstanbul Turkey as a "Microsoft Business Solution Partner". Since then, the company has successfully completed over 40 Microsoft ERP and CRM projects for multiple industries.
Today UMA is well known for its expertise at optimizing client ROI from complex technologies as a reputable Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution provider with its unmatched team and collaborating partner ecosystem.

What is UMAXSuite

UMA IT Services is a sole brand of UMA Digital, established in 2006, specializes in medical imaging and communication solutions as well as  to improve the quality of healthcare. The company possesses 15 years of experience in virtual diagnostic reporting for health centers in developing regions and the development of psychotherapy analytics and IoT equipment solutions, AI powered decision support systems.

UMA Business Consultancy helps radiology imaging centers that are in need of virtual diagnostic reports for their patients which are in need of advanced diagnostic capabilities.

UMAXstudio is the umbrella brand of UMAXpacs, UMAXdicomviewer and UMAXdiagnosis.

Our vision is to be a trusted technology partner and provide universal access to medical imaging and intelligence.

We speak French, English, Serbian and Turkish.

UMAX plays its role in the global healthcare arena by holding state-of-the-art AI risk analysis, diagnostic products and teleradiology services.

  • Advanced level of expertise with best-in-class brainpower
  • your direct access to fast, reliable and trusted clinical know-how